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Udemy Courses

JavaScript is at the heart of every frontend frameworks worth pursuing.
Building an advanced JS skillset will sail you through the ever-changing
world of web frameworks.



JS Compilation & Execution Phase

Learn about the basic fundamental of the compilation nature of JS


Introduction to Scope

Understanding the concept of scope from the compilation phase perspective


Dynamic Global Variables

We look at how the JS used to create dynamic global variables and we will learn a way to avoid such pattern


How is Scope Implemented

We get deep at how the scope is implemented by the engine and what data structures are used to carry out the scope look-up.


Function Expressions & Scopes

We look at how scopes are treated differently by the javascript compiler and why we can invoke our function declarations before they are defined and assigned.


Function Scoping and IIFE

Learn how function scoping works and why IIFE works the way it looks.


Block Scoping and Let-Const

We look at the new ES6 block scoping and how can we create smaller units of scopes.


What is Hoisting and What it is No

Learn how hoisting is a metaphor to describe the compilation nature of JavaScript

Exploring JavaScript Scopes

8 Videos - 2 Hours

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What is THIS keyword

Learn about THIS keyword and why it is so much closer to dynamic scoping (something that JS doesn't have)


Implicit Binding

We look at how Implicit Binding in JavaScript works, this is the most common way of pointing this to a context


Explicit Binding

In this lesson, we look at how call/apply/bind can be used to set the context for THIS


Default Binding

We all know about default binding, even if we don't know if it's default binding. This is one of the reasons why THIS can get confusing.


NEW Keyword (binding)

Learn how using the new keyword impacts what context THIS will point to, the lesson keeps the advanced usage for a later lesson


Order of Precendence for Bindings

Shuffling several bindings can create a confusing pattern in determining what context THIS points, this guide will sail you through it.


Arrow Functions & THIS Binding - Part 1

THIS keyword takes a classical turn when handling the binding, and not so surprisingly, this is arrow function resolves the THIS binding lexically.


Arrow Functions & THIS Binding - 2

We take a look at another example but this time without the setTimeout API and we observe how THIS will get resolved.

Exploring JavaScript Objects

4 Videos - 31 Minute

Link to Udemy course
Read through tutorials that are structured in meaningful series to help you understand a topic fully. Explore series on JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Functional Programming and HTML-CSS

Deploy Python Lambda functions with Docker

A python lambda function is the easiest way to start exploring the AWS ecosystem. We will later use an API Gateway that invokes the lambda.

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CLRS Merge Sort in JavaScript

CLRS merge sort is very similar to regular merge sort but uses lot less loops and applies the concept of sentinel value.

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